The DiskCover System FAQs

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Each Clean Cassette contains 420 single-use aseptic barriers.

No, Clean Cassettes are not reusable.  Clean Cassettes should be discarded once empty.

No, disk covers are for single patient use only.  To prevent patient to patient infection risk, remove and dispose of the disk cover after use. A new disk cover should be applied before each patient examination.

Yes, the disk covers are latex-free.

Yes, support services for the DiskCover System are available.   If interested, please email your request and order number to or call 1-844-980-2998.

Visit our online store, e-mail your request to or call 1-844-980-2998.  A customer service representative will be happy to help with your order. Thank you for your business!

The light to the left of the application window is the Clean Cassette indicator light. If blinking red, 15 disk covers or less remain in the Clean Cassette. Replace Clean Cassette immediately to prevent disruption of Dispenser use.

The light to the right of the application window is the battery indicator light. If blinking red, 10% of battery life or less remains.  Replace with 3-Alkaline C batteries immediately to prevent disruption of Dispenser use.

The DiskCover System Troubleshooting

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Customer Service:
+1 (844) 980-2998

  • Be sure to hold the back of the stethoscope diaphragm (do not hold by the tubing) and firmly place the stethoscope diaphragm into the application window. Be sure stethoscope tubing fits within the notch. Do not use excessive force. If application is still unsuccessful, manually remove by pulling disk cover from application window and discard. Wave your stethoscope below the activation   sensor to position new disk cover in the application window and reattempt.

TIP: Lifting an edge of the stethoscope first as you remove it from the application window may improve disk cover adherence.

  • Be sure batteries are placed in the direction displayed on the battery door.  Install the left then right battery and, finally, the center battery.  When inserted correctly, the battery indicator light on the right side of the Dispenser will briefly illuminate solid green. 
  • If no light appears, check the batteries for proper insertion or try again with new batteries.

Perform a system reboot:

  1. Remove the Clean Cassette and batteries.
  2. Wait 5 seconds.
  3. Reinstall batteries (left then right and, finally, the center battery)
  4. If a green battery indicator light appears, ensure the shipping insert is removed from the Clean Cassette and then reinstall the Clean Cassette.
  5. If no green Clean Cassette indicator light appears, contact Customer Service ( or 1-844-980-2998).

The Dispenser will automatically pause 6 seconds between each activation. If the Dispenser is still not activating after a 6-second pause: 

  • Ensure a Clean Cassette is installed (with shipping insert removed)
  • Check the batteries and Clean Cassette indicator lights.
  • Ensure nothing is blocking the activation sensor.
  • Ensure nothing is covering the safety sensor.
  • Replace batteries, as necessary.
  • If the Dispenser still will not activate, contact Customer Service  ( or 1-844-980-2998). 

The DiskCover System How-to Videos

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Customer Service:
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How-to Videos

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Using the DiskCover System

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